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    Latest News

●  CNN.com - RSS Channel - Entertainment
CNN.com delivers up-to-the-minute news and information on the latest top stories, weather, entertainment, politics and more..
●  'This is Us' veers into current events, while introducing a new twist
"This is Us" pivoted directly into current events, tackling the pandemic and, more pointedly, the fallout from the killing of George Floyd and subsequent Black Lives Matter protests. Yet the show also closed its two-hour premiere with another major twist in the Pearson family history, potentially adding a new long-lost relative to its ranks..
●  Chrissy Teigen's heartfelt letter about losing her child is worth reading in full
Chrissy Teigen is healing from the loss of her child and grateful for the outpouring of support her family has received since, she says in a new essay published Tuesday..
●  Uzo Aduba to star in "In Treatment" reimagining for HBO
Hollywood is Hollywooding like it's 2008..
●  Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are engaged: 'Yes please!'
Blake Shelton popped the question to girlfriend Gwen Stefani and she said yes..
●  A new trailer for the 'Saved by the Bell' reboot is here
School is back in session at Bayside High..
●  Tim Curry to join 'Rocky Horror' live stream
Let's do the time warp again..
●  'Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine' gives the Trump satirist a bigger stage on Netflix
Sarah Cooper's spot-on parodies of President Trump turned her into a social-media sensation, a promotional opportunity that didn't present an obvious way to translate that into a more expansive version. Happily, her guest-star-studded Netflix variety special incorporates her most famous shtick -- satirically lip-synching Trump speeches and interviews -- while adding a few extremely clever sketches..
●  'Superbad' cast to reunite for a virtual party for Democrats
The cast of "Superbad" will reunite for a watch party in support of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin on Tuesday..
●  'Selena: The Series' trailer charts late singer's rise
A longer look at "Selena: The Series" has arrived..
●  Brian May 'nearly lost' his life after heart attack
Queen guitarist Brian May has said he is "grateful" to be alive after suffering a heart attack, a stomach hemorrhage and other health complications this year..
●  Shia LaBeouf and Margaret Qualley star in new music video
Shia LaBeouf and Margaret Qualley play a couple in a new music video for "Love Me Like You Hate Me" by Margaret's sister, singer Rainey Qualley, who performs under the name Rainsford..
●  DeOndra Dixon, Jamie Foxx's sister, dies at 36
Jamie Foxx is mourning the death of his beloved sister..
●  Wolfgang Van Halen says rumor is hurting his family
It's been less than a month since Eddie Van Halen died and his son is ticked off about a rumor making the rounds..
●  The Weeknd and Roddy Ricch lead American Music Awards nominations
A singer and a rapper are tied for the most American Music Awards nominations this year..
●  Adele and SNL come under fire for Africa sex tourism sketch
"Saturday Night Live" is facing a backlash over a sketch in which Adele, Kate McKinnon and Heidi Gardner play White divorcees lusting over African men..
●  Drake teases next album name and release date
Drake has announced a new studio album called "Certified Lover Boy" for release in January 2021..
●  Fortune Feimster marries Jacquelyn Smith
Comedian Fortune Feimster has married her partner, Jacquelyn Smith..
●  Jennifer Aniston votes, tells fans it's 'not funny' to vote for Kanye
●  Arnold Schwarzenegger says he feels 'fantastic' after undergoing heart surgery
He may be known as a robot assassin. But in real life, he's only human..
●  'The Undoing' features Nicole Kidman in a mystery that feels like 'Big Little Lies Lite'
"The Undoing" owes debts to earlier high-class HBO miniseries, but the net effect feels like "Big Little Lies Lite." Reuniting Nicole Kidman and writer-producer David E. Kelley, the six-part production hinges on a murder mystery and trial, but even with its twists and feints, doesn't possess the requisite qualities to become another viewing obsession..
●  Ariana Grande imagines life in the White House in 'Positions'
Ariana Grande makes an impressive president in the video for her new single, "Positions.".
●  'The Witches' brews up a weak remake of Roald Dahl's dark story
"The Witches" serves up a strange brew that doesn't work, but it's mildly fascinating for the reasons why, from the people responsible for making it to contrasting this movie with the graphic novel and 1990 film based on Roald Dahl's dark children's tale. The Warner Bros. release has been swept over to stream on HBO Max, which is probably where it rightfully belongs..
●  'Bruce Springsteen's Letter to You' is a valentine to his fans and the E Street Band
"Bruce Springsteen's Letter to You" is a valentine to his fans, an ode to friendship and a celebration of the E Street Band. The latest documentary from the prolific artist also marks the continued migration of what he describes as his "45-year conversation" with his audience into the visual media of film and streaming -- this time via Apple TV+..
●  Matthew McConaughey shares some lessons on fatherhood
Matthew McConaughey had a great role model in his dad..
●  'Borat' sequel somehow still manages to serve up audacious surprises
Like any sequel, "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm" faces the challenge of what to do for an encore, 14 years and a big box-office haul later. Somehow, though, Sacha Baron Cohen hasn't lost the power to deliver audacious surprises, with enough explosive, not-suitable-for-anywhere laughs to power through the flatter patches this sort of exercise inevitably yields..
●  'The Queen's Gambit' doesn't make all the right moves, but Anya Taylor-Joy does
If Anya Taylor-Joy is on the cusp of major stardom -- with a "Mad Max" prequel in her future, and "The New Mutants" and "Emma" in her recent past -- "The Queen's Gambit" should advance her several moves ahead. The tale of a troubled chess prodigy, Taylor-Joy's magnetic presence is enough reason to watch this handsome Netflix limited series, even if the seven-part production gets dragged out about three episodes too long..
●  'Connecting...' connects sharp writing with the latest socially distant comedy
"Connecting..." is just one of several post-coronavirus shows shot employing a Zoom-style, virtual format, focusing on a group of friends -- diverse even by TV-sitcom standards -- navigating the early days of quarantine measures. Yet it turns out to be smartly written, funny and occasionally touching, capturing the need for connection amid the struggles unique to this period..
●  '537 Votes' revisits Florida election chaos in 2000 as a prelude to 2020
The timing of "537 Votes" isn't subtle, focusing on election chaos and chicanery surrounding the 2000 Florida recount weeks before concerns about a repeat two decades later. The HBO documentary, however, provides a contextual, nuanced view -- rooted in the controversy over Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez -- while painting a colorful portrait of the ensuing battle, when the Democrats brought the equivalent of a strongly worded letter to a knife fight..
●  See what's streaming in October

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Another arcade classic this time its Mario 2 Mario 2

Neat car game based on the film with the same title Dodge oncoming traffic and uhm goats The Transporter

    Latest News

●  CNN.com - RSS Channel - App International Edition
CNN.com delivers up-to-the-minute news and information on the latest top stories, weather, entertainment, politics and more..
●  Trump makes frenetic election push in states that highlight his Covid denial.
●  CNN reporter asks Trump: Did you blow it on Covid-19?
President Trump is upset about media coverage of the coronavirus pandemic despite surging infections and hospitalizations in the US..
●  Kavanaugh foreshadows how the US Supreme Court could disrupt vote counting.
●  Trump campaign website briefly defaced in cyber attack
President Donald Trump's campaign website was defaced for a brief period on Tuesday in a hack. .
●  Can Biden cause an upset in this red state?
While Joe Biden needs record turnout among African Americans to win Georgia, President Trump will be relying on the white, rural, working class. John King breaks down the numbers..
●  Philadelphia sees more protests and looting as authorities investigate police shooting of Black man with knife
Protesters and looters took to the streets for a second night after officers in Philadelphia shot and killed a Black man who was holding a knife in an encounter that city officials say raises questions. .
●  Qatar 'regrets any distress' after women from 10 flights subjected to compulsory medical examinations at Doha airport
The government of Qatar has said it "regrets any distress or infringement on the personal freedom of any traveler" after it was revealed that at least 18 women from 10 different flights were subjected to compulsory intimate medical examinations following the discovery of an abandoned infant at Doha international airport. .
●  North Korea is going to be a major headache for whoever wins the US election
As Barack Obama ended his 75th day as President of the United States, the engines of a massive North Korean rocket roared to life half a world away -- sparking one of the first major international crises of his administration..
●  Covid-positive doctors asked to keep working as Belgium nears brink of disaster.
●  Record number of Covid-19 cases reported worldwide in past week at 2.8 million, WHO says.
●  It's politics versus science as the UK battles coronavirus
Around the world, politicians and scientists are having to work more closely together than ever before. With different priorities - and often very different personalities - the tensions are beginning to show. CNN's Isa Soares reports. .
●  Nxivm sex cult founder sentenced to 120 years in prison
Keith Raniere, founder of the group Nxivm, has been sentenced to 120 years in prison..
●  LA Dodgers win World Series for first time since 1988, defeat Tampa Bay Rays in six games
After a Major League Baseball season unlike any other, the Los Angeles Dodgers are World Series champions, defeating the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 in Game 6 to win the best-of-seven series four games to two..
●  Analyst reveals who poses biggest legal threat to Trump if he loses 2020 election
CNN legal analyst Elie Honig looks at the various legal battles Trump could face if he loses the presidential election, and how his Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, could impact the Affordable Care Act if she is confirmed by the Senate. .
●  Antarctic fossil could have been the biggest flying bird ever, study finds
In the 1980s, paleontologists at the University of California Riverside visited Seymour Island, part of an island chain in the Antarctic Peninsula. They brought home a number of fossils -- including the foot bone and partial jaw bone of two prehistoric birds..
●  What the world's most overtouristed destinations look like now
Overtourism was the travel buzzword of 2019, as destinations around the globe, from the hiking trails of Machu Picchu to the canals of Venice, battled the impact of throngs of visitors..
●  Microsoft earnings beat expectations, driven by video game sales and cloud demand
Microsoft reported a solid quarter as the pandemic drove demand for its cloud and video game businesses..
●  Former Belgian king meets daughter for first time since she became a royal
The former king of Belgium, Albert II, has met with his once-secret daughter, Princess Delphine, for the first time since she was recognized as a royal, after years of legal battles forced the ex-monarch to finally acknowledge fathering her more than five decades ago..
●  Last-minute drama as Real Madrid avoids yet another defeat in the Champions League
A last-minute goal from Casemiro completed a stunning comeback from Real Madrid on Tuesday that earned the Spanish giants its first point of the new Champions League campaign. .
●  Court sets plan to make sure Postal Service delivers ballots quickly, one week ahead of Election Day
US Postal Service leadership received a sweeping set of orders from a federal judge on Tuesday, laying out steps the Postal Service must take to ensure that ballots are delivered quickly as voters ace absentee voting deadlines. .
●  Anderson Cooper: We are witnessing dishonesty the likes of which no one has seen before
CNN's Anderson Cooper goes over the presidential candidates' campaign stops a week out from the end of election season. .
●  The world is facing an insane danger that's greater than Covid-19
Honduras just became the 50th nation to ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) on Saturday. The accord has now met the required threshold to enter into force in 90 days -- on January 22. .
●  Jon Stewart returns to TV with new current affairs show
Jon Stewart is coming back to TV. Well, Apple TV+, that is..
●  US task force proposes starting colorectal cancer screening at age 45
The US Preventive Services Task Force -- the nation's leading panel for medical guidance -- is considering a draft recommendation to lower the recommended screening age for colon and rectal cancers to 45. .
●  Is this the strongest US economy in history? CNN fact checks Trump
CNN's John Avlon fact checks President Donald Trump's claims on the US economy after Trump said that "this is the greatest economy in our history.".
●  Over 4,400 pounds of Trader Joe's fish have been recalled
Orca Bay Foods is recalling more than 350 cases of Trader Joe's brand Gluten Free Battered Halibut because the fish were packaged without listing milk or wheat as allergens..
●  Vanessa Guillen's sister says 'we still don't know the truth' about her death
Months after the remains of Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen were found in Texas, her family says there are still many things they don't know about her killing. .
●  Obama fires back after Trump's Covid-19 complaint
Former President Barack Obama reemerged on the campaign trail in Orlando to push votes for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Obama took aim at President Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic. CNN's Erin Burnett reports..
●  This floating spaceport in Japan could bring space travel to the city
Cylindrical steel and glass towers protrude through solar panels on the vast circular roof of the futuristic, four-story Spaceport City..

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