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●  CNN.com - RSS Channel - Entertainment
CNN.com delivers up-to-the-minute news and information on the latest top stories, weather, entertainment, politics and more..
●  'Loot' gives the gift of comedy with Maya Rudolph as a divorce-minted billionaire
"Loot" sounds like a one-note joke on paper -- ha ha, an Apple TV+ comedy loosely inspired by the Bezos' family drama -- that doesn't gain much depth during the first episode. Stick with it, though, and this showcase for Maya Rudolph as a billionaire minted through divorce becomes a sweet if fairly conventional romantic comedy with a few welcome surprises..
●  No, Geena Davis still won't tell you if Dottie meant to drop the ball. But she's loving life's curveballs
Geena Davis is not someone to stay silent on important matters. .
●  What pop group MUNA's music reveals about queer joy
A pop sensation not afraid to weigh in on big political issues, MUNA stand out in part because of the band's open embrace of something that's still a rarity in the music landscape: queer intimacy..
●  A movie theater will not fast-forward a same-sex kiss in 'Lightyear' after all
A movie theater in Oklahoma has removed a warning sign it initially posted about a same-sex kiss in the new Disney/Pixar film "Lightyear.".
●  'Trevor: The Musical' brings the story behind the Trevor Project to Disney+
"Trevor: The Musical" can't help but feel partly encumbered by the "important" label, bringing lessons about self-acceptance to Disney+, whose parent company has been a ripe target for controversy. Yet this filmed version of the off-Broadway show works as a triumph for the young cast and especially the relatable lead, powering past its lesser aspects with infectious energy and a touching message..
●  Denise Richards is following her teenage daughter onto OnlyFans
Denise Richards has made her debut on OnlyFans, just days after her teenage daughter joined the platform famous for its NSFW content. .
●  'Elvis' drowns Austin Butler's spot-on performance under a frenetic flood of style
"Elvis" has entered the theaters, but in a package that often recalls the excesses associated with his Vegas-residency years: Looking bloated, gaudy and at times bordering on self-parody. Those missteps, courtesy of director Baz Luhrmann and an ill-used Tom Hanks, squander Austin Butler's brilliant moments in the title role, which deserve a much better movie..
●  'Obi-Wan Kenobi' threaded the needle between 'Revenge of the Sith' and 'A New Hope'
Facing an even more formidable task than "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," "Obi-Wan Kenobi" deftly threaded the needle between "Revenge of the Sith" and "A New Hope" in the "Star Wars" timeline, filling its finale with enough action and callbacks to cap off a highly satisfying and hugely nostalgic run..
●  Justin Timberlake apologizes for dancing badly in khakis
Justin Timberlake went viral for the wrong reasons and now he's saying sorry. .
●  Beanie Feldstein engaged to girlfriend Bonnie Chance Roberts
There will be no raining on Beanie Feldstein's parade today: She's engaged! .
●  'Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe' launches the dimwit duo into the 21st century
The planet's dumbest animated duo make a semi-triumphant return in "Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe," which -- unlike when they "did" America 26 years ago -- premieres via Paramount+. Basically one long, idiotic misunderstanding, it's just the thing to fill the black hole of mindless and inappropriate comedy..
●  'The Umbrella Academy' weaves Elliot Page's journey into its third season
In the most newsworthy aspect of "The Umbrella Academy's" third season, the Netflix series incorporates Elliot Page's transitioning into the story, a moment that's addressed sensitively and relatively early..
●  Gloria Estefan responds to Jennifer Lopez's 'Halftime' comments
Gloria Estefan didn't end up performing with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira during the Super Bowl LIV halftime show, but she still has some thoughts..
●  Sharon Stone says she suffered nine miscarriages
Sharon Stone says she has "lost nine children" through miscarriages, saying women are made to feel that losing a baby is "something to bear alone and secretly," with a sense of failure. .
●  Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young to star in 'Flipping El Moussas'
New wife, new reality show..
●  A third 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' movie is finally in production
"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" star Nia Vardalos this week gave her Instagram followers both a Greek lesson and the best news of their day. .
●  Glastonbury's 2022 lineup just may bring our divided world together
The world is a divided, contentious place right now but Britain's biggest music bash appears poised to try to bring people together -- if ever so briefly -- this weekend..
●  Michael J. Fox to be awarded honorary Oscar
Michael J. Fox will be honored by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for his contributions to film and his efforts to help cure Parkinson's disease..
●  Martin Sheen regrets changing his name
While Martin Sheen says his name is still legally Ramon Estévez, he regrets changing it for his career..
●  Martha Stewart 'heartbroken' to miss event after positive Covid test
Martha Stewart had to miss out on an event she was looking forward to after testing positive for Covid-19..
●  Beyoncé drops 'Break My Soul' and it's the dance track you need
Welcome back Bey..
●  Dave Chappelle says his former high school theater will no longer be named after him
Comedian Dave Chappelle has announced that, contrary to previous plans, the student theater at his alma mater, Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Northwest Washington, will not bear his name. .
●  'Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes' presents a harrowing window into the nuclear disaster
Even if you watched the Emmy-winning 2019 HBO miniseries (recommended, incidentally), "Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes" has plenty to offer as a documentary companion, presenting a former Soviet Union where the fondness for lies and obfuscation has its share of contemporary parallels. It's another harrowing reminder of the danger when governments put protecting their image ahead of the population's safety..
●  Kate Bush 'really moved' by 'Running Up That Hill' hitting No. 1
Kate Bush is "overwhelmed" by the renewed affection for her decades-old song, "Running Up That Hill." .
●  Jeff Bridges brings life to the spy drama 'The Old Man'
The spy genre is so well worn one would think there's not much new to be done, but "The Old Man" largely confounds those expectations, thanks to the stellar combination of Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow. Seeking a precedent for this FX series, the best might be "Robin and Marian," in which Robin Hood's swashbuckling met up with the cold realities of creaking bones and geriatric limitations..
●  Ana de Armas is uncanny as Marilyn Monroe in 'BLONDE'
Ana de Armas is Marilyn Monroe..
●  'Good Luck to You, Leo Grande' gives Emma Thompson a grand showcase
Emma Thompson lays herself bare in the dramedy "Good Luck to You, Leo Grande," but it's the emotional aspects that deserve the most attention, in this funny and sensitively told two-hander that, understandably, is making its debut on Hulu. Taking place almost entirely inside a hotel room, it's a movie bathed in poignance and sweetness as well as sex and longing..
●  'Lightyear' goes to infinity, but not beyond, in a likable offshoot of 'Toy Story'
The most interesting aspect of "Lightyear" is dispensed with in the first 15 seconds, when it's explained how and why you're watching a movie devoted to the action-figure character from "Toy Story." After that, the movie works primarily as a fairly likable action vehicle mixed with a familiar rumination on what defines a life, without rising into that top tier of Pixar fare its predecessors occupied..
●  'Jurassic World: Dominion' combines old and new DNA
There's something unfortunately symbolic about "Jurassic World: Dominion," which combines old and new DNA from the near-three-decade-old franchise and generates a pretty mindless mess. The nostalgia factor gives the movie an initial jolt, and there are, of course, some dino-sized thrills, but not enough to lift this XL-sized mediocrity out of the gene pool's shallow end..

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Control the traffic lights to let the cars through the intersections Keep them going Traffic Control

This version of the popular card game is twice as nice and double the fun Freecell Duplex

Another arcade classic this time its Mario 2 Mario 2

Neat car game based on the film with the same title Dodge oncoming traffic and uhm goats The Transporter

    Latest News

●  CNN.com - RSS Channel - App International Edition
CNN.com delivers up-to-the-minute news and information on the latest top stories, weather, entertainment, politics and more..
●  A stunning moment in American history decades in the making will reshape politics
The day that remade America was decades in the making..
●  More protests expected this weekend amid fury and anguish over US Supreme Court's abortion ruling.
●  See Planned Parenthood leader's response to Liz Cheney Supreme Court tweet
Planned Parenthood Federation of America President and CEO Alexis McGill Johnson reacts to a tweet from Republican Rep. Liz Cheney on the Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade..
●  Interactive: Track changes between the abortion decision and the leaked draft.
●  Oslo shooting near gay bar investigated as terrorism, as Pride parade is canceled
At least two people were killed and 10 others wounded after a shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Oslo, Norway on Saturday, Reuters reported, citing public broadcaster NRK..
●  World leaders are facing crises on all fronts. Putin will be watching if they fail
What a difference a year makes. Enormous challenges, some of them barely imaginable when the G7 leaders last met 12 months ago, are bearing down on the world's most prosperous democratic nations as they prepare to meet in Germany. .
●  Ukraine to withdraw from key city as Russia's advance grinds on.
●  Suspected Russian spy was well-liked by classmates, but something just seemed a little off
Victor Muller's accent just didn't sound right..
●  Xi Jinping to visit Hong Kong in first trip outside mainland China since pandemic began
Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Hong Kong next week to mark the 25th anniversary of the city's handover to China, state media reported on Saturday -- the leader's first trip out of the mainland since the pandemic began..
●  Putin and Xi's big mistake
As President Joe Biden meets European leaders in coming days at G7 and NATO summits, all will be trying hard to project an image of unity. They will have their work cut out for them..
●  Gun safety bill leaves loophole for domestic abusers in dating relationships
Experts say the "boyfriend loophole" included in the newly passed bipartisan gun safety bill isn't fully closed. CNN's Jake Tapper explains. .
●  A woman's brutal killing shocks the Arab world
The brutal killing of a young woman in broad daylight on an Egyptian street has shocked the Arab world, bringing the country's gender-based violence crisis into the spotlight. .
●  Must-watch videos of the week.
●  US conducts Taiwan Strait flyover days after Chinese warplanes' incursion
A US Navy P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance plane flew over the Taiwan Strait on Friday in a demonstration of the United States' "commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific," just days after 29 Chinese warplanes entered Taiwan's self-declared air defense identification zone, US Indo-Pacific Command said in a statement..
●  US Congress passes first major federal gun safety legislation in decades
The House passed a bipartisan bill on Friday to address gun violence that amounts to the first major federal gun safety legislation in decades. .
●  'I can't sleep': Chinese depositors unable to access their savings
Peter had put his life savings of about $6 million into accounts at three small banks in China's central Henan province. He says he hasn't been able to access them since April..
●  How DeSantis became the top contender to take on Trump
Bianna Golodryga speaks to New Yorker writer Dexter Filkins about how Florida's governor became the top contender to take on Donald Trump .
●  Man on night out loses USB drive with personal details of every resident in city
Drinks after work probably seemed like a good idea at the time -- but for one worker in Japan the hangover is likely to last for some time..
●  ICC prosecutor aims to reopen Philippines drug war investigation
The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) said on Friday he would seek to reopen an investigation into killings and other suspected rights abuses during former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's crackdown on drugs..
●  'Stop the Steal' leader Ali Alexander testifies to Jan. 6 grand jury
Ali Alexander, the leader of the "Stop the Steal" group who helped to organize rallies before the US Capitol attack, testified to a federal grand jury on Friday in the Justice Department's sweeping investigation into the January 6, 2021, insurrection..
●  Graphic shows all the changes in global temperature since 1850
Heat waves are becoming more intense because of the rise in global temperature, which has devastating effects on landscapes, ecosystems and even the human body. Climate experts explain why this matters and what can be done to stabilize the planet's temperature..
●  Explorers find the world's deepest shipwreck four miles under the Pacific
It lurks over four miles deep below the Pacific Ocean, split in half and lodged on a slope..
●  Lawyer releases pages from Brian Laundrie's notebook in which he admits to killing Gabby Petito
The attorney for the family of Brian Laundrie on Friday released eight pages from Laundrie's notebook that was found near his remains in Florida in October last year, according to a news release obtained by CNN affiliate WINK..
●  Supreme Court gun ruling will make our jobs harder, law enforcement officials say
The Supreme Court decision which struck down a New York law placing restrictions on carrying a concealed gun outside the home will have drastic consequences for law enforcement, inhibiting their ability to remove illegal guns from the street and protect the public from shootings, officials said..
●  Two young Africans tired of problematic banking systems started their own
CNN's Julia Chatterley talks to Ham Serunjogi, CEO and co-founder of Chipper Cash, a financial tech company with a banking app that allows users send money across borders..
●  Nigerian senator and wife charged with plotting to get child to UK to harvest organs
A Nigerian senator and his wife were remanded in custody in London on Thursday charged with plotting to have a 15-year-old boy brought into the United Kingdom to harvest his organs, police said..
●  Japan says Chinese coast guard ships in longest violation of its territorial waters in a decade
Two Chinese coast guard ships navigated Japan's territorial waters near a chain of disputed islands for more than 64 hours this week, Japanese authorities said Friday -- the longest incursion of its kind in a decade..
●  Two killed as Nio electric car crashes from third floor of a Shanghai building
Two people died this week when a Nio electric car crashed to the ground from the third floor of a parking lot in Shanghai..
●  Boris Johnson's future in peril as Conservative Party hit with double election losses
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered a hammer blow to his authority on Friday after his party lost two parliamentary by-elections in a single night, raising new questions about his leadership..

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