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●  CNN.com - RSS Channel - Entertainment
CNN.com delivers up-to-the-minute news and information on the latest top stories, weather, entertainment, politics and more..
●  Comedy steps up as a respite from our current woes
A funny thing happened on the way to 2021. Let Nicolas Cage, Rachel Brosnahan and Keegan-Michael Key provide comic relief from our current woes..
●  Dustin Diamond completes first round of chemotherapy for cancer treatment
Former "Saved by the Bell" star Dustin Diamond is making progress in his fight against cancer..
●  Cheers, my dears. 'Bridgerton' is returning for a second season
"Bridgerton" fans can breathe a sigh of relief after Netflix announced a second season of the hit show..
●  Tim McGraw wasn't so sure about Taylor Swift naming a song after him
Tim McGraw did not feel like a spring chicken when he learned that Taylor Swift was naming a song named after him..
●  Chrissy Teigen lost a tooth in a Fruit Roll-Up at the inauguration
Good news and bad news for Chrissy Teigen. President Biden followed her on Twitter but she also lost a tooth..
●  'The Masked Dancer' reveals the celebrity hiding under Cricket
Singer Brian McKnight was revealed to be the person who has been performing under the Cricket costume on Wednesday's "The Masked Dancer.".
●  What made 'Celebrating America' soar
Other inaugural celebrations have festooned chilly Washington, DC, nights in white ties, gilded gowns, and crowded dance floors. Not this one..
●  Trump's 'reality TV presidency' gets a new, more produced look with Biden TV
Much has been written about Donald Trump's "TV presidency," and how the former reality-TV star sought to produce his time in the White House. Throughout his presidential campaign, however, Joe Biden's team -- in its adherence to Covid protocols -- has been shaped through the language of television, creating crowd-pleasing TV moments minus the crowds..
●  'Walker' gets a new look with Jared Padalecki as the Texas Ranger
Occasionally a reboot comes along that's so different from the original you wonder why they bothered. "Walker" is one of those, dropping the "Texas Ranger" part of the title from the CBS series that signed off 20 years ago, and trading in Chuck Norris for "Supernatural's" Jared Padalecki, in what feels more like a family drama than a butt-kicking crime show..
●  Randy Parton, the country singer and Dolly Parton's younger brother, has died after a battle with cancer
Country music singer Randy Parton, brother to Dolly Parton, has died after a battle with cancer..
●  Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez deliver moving inauguration performances
Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez are among the artists scheduled to perform at Wednesday's inauguration..
●  11 sources for comic relief this winter
The world was really ready for 2020 to end, but 2021 is feeling like a sequel no one asked for..
●  Marvel, like 'WandaVision,' looks to the future while holding on to the past
With its opening episodes, Marvel's "WandaVision" has turned out to be a pretty good symbol of the crossroads at which Disney's pop-culture titan finds itself: Trying to move forward without letting go of the past..
●  'The Muppet Show' is coming to Disney+
If you thought you'd never get a chance to stream "The Muppet Show," fuhgeddaboudit!.
●  Chris Gethard's highly addictive 'Beautiful/Anonymous' podcast hits 250 episodes
Comedian Chris Gethard started a podcast a few years ago with the simple premise he would tweet out a phone number, answer a random call, and have an hour-long conversation with the individual on the the other end of the line..
●  Cole Sprouse not interested in a 'Suite Life of Zack and Cody' reboot
Sorry fans of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody," but Cole Sprouse has moved on..
●  New Orleans Jazz Fest pushed to October due to Covid-19
The 2021 New Orleans Jazz Fest has been postponed until October, according to a statement posted on the festival's website..
●  Michael Douglas meets newborn grandson for the first time
Michael Douglas is a proud grandpa..
●  'MLK/FBI' probes 'the darkest part' of the bureau's history
The government-sanctioned harassment of Martin Luther King Jr. provides the chilling spine of "MLK/FBI," a documentary timed to the annual holiday for the civil rights icon. Director Sam Pollard's film also raises an interesting question -- namely, what historians and journalists owe King's legacy in terms of releasing material amassed specifically in an effort to sully his name..
●  Steve Martin has 'Good news/Bad news' about getting vaccinated
Steve Martin is apparently a half full-half empty kind of guy..
●  Noah Centineo recovering after tonsil surgery
Noah Centineo revealed on Sunday that he had undergone surgery to remove his tonsils just two days prior..
●  Olivia Rodrigo's 'Drivers License' breaks new record
Olivia Rodrigo's debut single "Drivers License" has broken the Spotify record for most streams of a song in a single week..
●  Dr. Dre is back home after being hospitalized in Los Angeles
Rapper, producer and entrepreneur Dr. Dre is back home after being hospitalized for more than a week in Los Angeles, according to his attorney Peter Paterno..
●  'Batwoman' gets a new lead, but Season 2 looks like the same flawed show
After a first season that never quite got off the ground creatively, "Batwoman" announced that original star Ruby Rose would be leaving but that the series would hang around without her. The contortions necessary to arrange that baton (or Batarang) pass mostly fizzle in the opening episodes, fueling a sense that this CW drama might be flying on fumes..
●  'One Night in Miami' packs a powerful dramatic punch
A fascinating historical meeting of the minds provides the foundation for Regina King's impressive feature film directorial debut in "One Night in Miami," a creative extrapolation about Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown and Sam Cooke coming together in 1964. It's a small but riveting movie, anchored by a quartet of knockout performances..
●  See what's streaming in January
See some of what's streaming on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+ and more in January..
●  'Tiger' puts Tiger Woods' life and career back under the microscope
There's inevitably a salacious aspect to "Tiger," an HBO documentary about the rise and fall of Tiger Woods, since what happened in Vegas -- and elsewhere -- definitely didn't stay there. Overall, though, this engrossing two-part film captures the forces that shaped the golf legend, renewing appreciation for his staggering talent while waving a cautionary flag regarding how it was forged..
●  'WandaVision' flexes some different muscles as Marvel adds its power to Disney+
Marvel flexes different muscles with "WandaVision," leveraging major assets while stretching its creative formula in this first series for Disney+. The result wields more of a scalpel than a hammer, wryly celebrating the history of television while slowly, very slowly, pulling the viewer into an enticing "The Twilight Zone"-esque mystery..
●  'Mr. Mayor' elects Ted Danson to play TV's latest politician
Ted Danson has a way of classing up even a so-so premise, and so it is with "Mr. Mayor," a new sitcom from the "30 Rock" tandem of Robert Carlock and Tina Fey. Returning to NBC fresh off "The Good Place," the show allows its star to cut loose as L.A.'s unlikely new mayor, which is a pretty good place to start..

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Suit up soldier the revolution is here Palisade Guardian Revolution

Create an army suited to your fighting style and send that army into battle The way you attack affects the outcome Tactics 100

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Fly through space destroying tanks helicopters spaceships using your lasers and missiles RaidenX

Control the traffic lights to let the cars through the intersections Keep them going Traffic Control

This version of the popular card game is twice as nice and double the fun Freecell Duplex

Another arcade classic this time its Mario 2 Mario 2

Neat car game based on the film with the same title Dodge oncoming traffic and uhm goats The Transporter

    Latest News

●  CNN.com - RSS Channel - App International Edition
CNN.com delivers up-to-the-minute news and information on the latest top stories, weather, entertainment, politics and more..
●  Biden unveils Covid-19 plan based on 'science not politics'.
●  Fauci was asked if he feels 'free' under Biden. Hear his response
During a White House press briefing, Dr. Anthony Fauci told reporters that he feels liberated to speak freely and honestly about the coronavirus pandemic and the science behind it under the Biden administration..
●  Feds briefed Biden's interim DOJ leaders on Capitol attack probe
Federal investigators leading the probe into the January 6 Capitol riot briefed interim Biden administration leaders at the Justice Department on Wednesday -- their first day on the job -- as the sprawling nationwide hunt for suspects continues, an official briefed on the matter said. .
●  Fauci forecasts "a degree of normality" this fall if enough Americans get vaccinated.
●  Biden's DOJ must confront what to with outstanding cases in which it is defending Trump. The first test could come Friday.
As the Biden administration begins to take shape, one key question President Joe Biden's Justice Department must confront is whether to continue defending Donald Trump, who relied on Department of Justice lawyers to fight some of his personal battles..
●  Biden wants to remove this controversial word from US laws
It's just one small part of the sweeping immigration overhaul President Biden is pushing..
●  Biden intends to keep FBI director in his post, official says
President Joe Biden intends to keep FBI Director Christopher Wray in his post, a senior administration official tells CNN, a sign of confidence for the bureau's leader who has more than six years remaining in his term..
●  Army changes account of key phone call on response to Capitol riot
The US Army has changed its account of a key phone call that took place on January 6 as rioters stormed the US Capitol. More than two weeks after the riot, the Army put forward two senior generals to speak with reporters Thursday to explain their roles on that afternoon after conflicting accounts of what took place circulated. .
●  Construction of Trump's border wall halted for review of Biden order
The Defense Department will pause construction of the wall along the US-Mexico border as it reviews President Joe Biden's executive order calling for construction to grind to a halt..
●  'Go back to where you came from': Cricket fan details allegations of racial abuse by staff and supporters
Krishna Kumar had long dreamed of watching the Indian cricket team play in Australia. But when that dream materialized at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) earlier this month, the experience, he says, was belittling..
●  Biden removes Churchill bust from Oval Office
It had once been a transatlantic art scandal -- or at least various actors of questionable intent would have you believe it was..
●  Here's how Biden's Oval Office compares to Trump's
CNN's Brianna Keilar looks at how the decor President Biden chose for the Oval Office differs from Trump's..
●  'It's really hard to explain': See GOP lawmaker's flip on riot
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said that former President Donald Trump did not incite the riot at the Capitol earlier this month, contradicting previous comments he made that the President did bear some responsibility for the assault..
●  McConnell wants to delay Trump's impeachment trial
The timing of former President Donald Trump's Senate impeachment trial is still unsettled while Senate leaders haggle over how a power-sharing agreement will govern a 50-50 Senate..
●  Seven Senate Democrats request ethics probe into Cruz and Hawley over Capitol riot
Seven Senate Democrats filed an ethics complaint on Thursday against Republican Sens. Josh Hawley of Missouri and Ted Cruz of Texas and called for the Ethics Committee to investigate how their objections to the Electoral College votes on January 6 may have contributed to inciting the violent Capitol insurrection..
●  Fact check: Is it constitutional for Trump to be tried in the Senate after leaving office?
Questions have arisen over the constitutionality of former President Donald Trump's impending trial in the Senate. Trump is the first president to be impeached twice and would be the first ex-president to have his impeachment tried in the Senate while out of office..
●  Champ and Major Biden have not yet moved into the White House
The new administration is working doggedly in its first days in office, but President Joe Biden's four-legged companions aren't joining in just yet..
●  Congress approves waiver for Biden's defense secretary pick
The House on Thursday approved a waiver to permit retired Gen. Lloyd Austin to serve as secretary of defense in the Biden administration. .
●  Texas doctor charged with stealing a vial of Covid-19 vaccine
A public health doctor in Texas has been charged with stealing a vial of Covid-19 vaccine, according to the Harris County District Attorney's Office..
●  Florida man accused of being in Capitol riots was arrested at the inauguration, Justice Department says
A Florida man knew he was wanted by authorities for being at the US Capitol riots but returned to Washington, DC, to attend the inauguration, the Justice Department said in a court filing Thursday..
●  Buttigieg eyes more mask restrictions on 'all modes of transportation'
Pete Buttigieg will testify before a Senate panel on Thursday considering his nomination for transportation secretary, putting the former South Bend, Indiana, mayor on the path to becoming the first Senate-confirmed LGBTQ Cabinet secretary..
●  'Fat but fit' is a myth when it comes to heart health, new study shows
The negative effects of excess body fat on heart health can't be canceled out by maintaining an active lifestyle, according to new research..
●  Emerging evidence suggests new coronavirus variant could be problematic for vaccines
As researchers around the world race to see if new coronavirus variants will pose a problem for the vaccines, a second study in two days says a variant from South Africa could possibly do just that. .
●  At least 32 killed as twin suicide bombings rock Baghdad
Twin suicide bombs rocked a busy market in central Baghdad on Thursday morning, killing at least 13 people, a security official told CNN. .
●  Will Trump go down as the worst president in history?
Donald Trump is no longer president. But while his term is over, the analysis of where he will rank among our best and worst presidents is just starting. In this latest episode of The Point, CNN's Chris Cillizza explains where Trump will fall in history. .
●  China says it is a 'victim' after Twitter locks embassy account
China says that it is a "victim" of misinformation after Twitter restricted the account of the Chinese embassy in the United States..
●  History shows just how different Biden's inauguration was
Video from past inaugurations show how unprecedented President Joe Biden's inauguration was, but also how some moments stayed the same. .
●  Volkswagen CEO joins Twitter and immediately trolls Tesla and Elon Musk
Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess is new to Twitter, but he made a splash with his very first tweet -- going after master troll and Tesla CEO Elon Musk..
●  He didn't believe Biden would be inaugurated. See what he said after inauguration
The moment of reckoning promised by the QAnon conspiracy theory never came. Now, many believers feel confused, duped, and uncertain of what comes next..

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